Bridge to Onchain AI

Migrate to the Onchain AI Mainnet

To bridge to Onchain AI, first you need to add Onchain AI on your Metamask (you can do so following this tutorial) Once you're ready please go on and connect your wallet by clicking on the Connect button.

Click on "Select currency" and choose OCAI.

You should see something like this, confirming that you are going to bridge from Ethereum to Onchain Mainnet:

Enter the amount you want to bridge and then click on the "Approve" button. Make sure you're approving with the default and not inputting the max amount.

You have to wait and confirm the transaction on your Metamask and wait until you see this:

If you do not see this 'Approved' button, please refresh your browser and select OCAI again. Click on Next, then Confirm, it will open another transaction to confirm on your Metamask. Wait a moment and you should receive your OCAI on Onchain AI Mainnet. You can check the balance of your wallet on the Onchain AI explorer here: For bridging from Onchain AI to Ethereum, you can do the same thing, directly from:

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