NFT Marketplace

Onchain AI NFT Marketplace.

Phase 1: Profile setup.

In order to participate in future phases and NFT campaigns, it's important to activate your profile. For few ODEX tokens you will be able to select your first OCAI NFT, activate your profile, and add a profile picture to it. (You will need both OCAI and ODEX on your wallet, make sure you got enough of both tokens) Minimum ODEX: 100,5 You can access your profile from this link: then click on "Manage/Sell" button:

Once on your profile click on "Activate Profile"

From there you can chose your first OCAI Ape, choose carefully:

If ODEX if not approved yet, you will need to approve and then confirm. Once done, you should see the started you've selected. Now set your profile picture, by clicking Enable from this page. (Another transaction to confirm on Metamask)

Now you have to select your team:

Finally select your address name (this can't be modified later, choose carefully and click confirm, sign the transaction on Metamask and click Complete Profile (you will have to pay 0.5 ODEX)

You can now see your profile and your NFT as your profile picture. You can remove it. You can transfer or sell your NFT only when there are not equipped as your profile picture.

Phase 2: Whitelisted collections

For Phase 2 of the NFT Marketplace, collections must be whitelisted before they may be listed. We are now accepting applications from NFT collection owners seeking to list their collections, you can get in touch with us via email or on telegram if you're already a member of the OCAI community.

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